RKM Concrete Vanity Sink

This vanity sink was a challenge to say the least.  In the works for a year now, the concept was drafted and calculated.  At this point it had to be fabricated.  Familiar with standard concrete countertops the 3d aspects of this eluded me.  After many months in the shop pondering the process I started to build the box in the shape of the sink from HDO plywood.  My expectations were simple at first not realizing the need to taper the sink box in all directions.  this taper helps drainage and deforming the box after casting.  Then the introduction of plastics became another necessity, a sheet of plexi-glass was in order.  Having worked with this material in the past I was not familiar with straight seem welds or chamfering the corners by hand, after several tests the material seemed to play nicely.  The form got built with PETG laminated outside walls and base surfaces for the to be tops of the back splash.  As the project continued I learned many factors that go into a sink with an integrated backsplash such as how to caulk the seams you can’t reach by hand.  Improvisation became key as I started the mixer using a formula I was not used to.  Extra forms, rebar modifications and advice were all administered during the 1 hour pour!  Soon after pulling the top-hat off the sink the 2% flow mix reared its ugly head.  A great agent to eliminate gas buildup, it didn’t trowel well for finishing.  Alas here are images of my first attempt of a integrated sink /backsplash/counter in concrete.  Taking the sink from the form is another story…


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