Orange Concrete Sink

The second of two sinks designed and built for the RKM house in Amherst, MA.  This sink was cast in bright orange to match the children’s bathroom.  The fabrication of sink 2 was much smoother due to the lessons learned in forming and casting an identical sink 1.  The orange color was achieved while the concrete was mixing.  After putting all the liquid yellow dye the shop had into the mix, liquid red dye was added to taste.  Realizing the color was muddy and drab, I overloaded the prescribed red until it seemed to punch.  This might be due to the use of Flows additive which is used to reduce the water content in the formula, which seemed to brown the color.

When deforming the top of the form the orange was striking!  The next day the plexi form was removed.  It took under 15 minutes to free the sink, unfortunately the form cracked and was not reusable.  My plexi welding skills are improving but not perfected yet.

The sink was then sanded and due to time constraints, plumbers and building inspector scheduling, delivered to the site unsealed!  Risky but a fact in the architecture world.

The sink is at home now, and the orange color balances with the tiles and timber columns of the bathroom.  Sealing with 101 and Hydrogaurd this week.


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