Northampton Mural & Gateway Signs

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In February a local metal sculptor, Sam Osroff of Salmon Studios, invited me to collaborate with him on two projects.  The first is a mural for the new bicycle bridge that spans lower Main Street facing downtown, the second project is designing “gateway” signs to be placed at the major roadway entrances into Northampton.

Both projects are being funded through private donations, and have enough funds pledged to move forward and go public.   The bike bridge mural reflects downtown Northampton celebrating the return of passenger trains to town meshing with a city block perspective.  The materials are Corten steel, cnc cut aluminum, polished stainless, and copper sheet.  Sam plans to fabricate the locomotive and balloon with artistic license.  We collaborated for several months on this design and are excited to see it realized.

The Gateway signs use the same language as the bridge mural.  In this case we added an agricultural theme with a barn and tractor.  Combined with the train station or the downtown theme it will be customized to each of the seven locations throughout Northampton.  It too will be fabricated from Corten steel, anodized black aluminum, copper sheet and cnc aluminum.



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