Material exploration: Epoxy


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Test 2:
Rough concrete in casino color was placed but not vibrated. A layer of epoxy resin, dyed green, was poured into the voids to about 3/8″ datum. A layer of clear epoxy at the same thickness was poured across the uneven surface.
I mixed this batch a bit hot…after 5 minutes it started fuming in the shop and I figured bringing it ouside was the best. An hour later it had stopped fuming but was still very warm. I have yet to open the form. It should have a layered side profile. Blue Lagoon.
Test 1:
A HDO box 12″ by 12″ amd 1-1/4″ deep was made. I found a rough hewn pine board in the shop 1×8″ stock and cut a couple 12″ chunks off the end. Ripped them to fit in the hdo box with a 1/8″ gap. I hastily mixed the resin and coated the base of the form. Put the 4 pieces of cut lumber on top of the hardening resin…then mixed another batch to top the form off…FORGETTING that wood floats.
The gas bubbles encased in this piece are a result of pushing the 4 boards into the liquid several times as it hardened homing it would stay put. A plywood strip with 2″ screws finally held them
in place.
Three ways to learn…


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