summer 2012

Was approved to host a Tiny House workshop at Solarfest 2012 in vermont this July and started working with Stone Soup Concrete as the form shop manager.  An new adventure awaits…

After graduating from the Yestermorrow Design Build Tiny House Semester Program last Fall a trip to the West coast was in order.  In February I flew into Palm Springs Airport in southern California, I was able to stay with my father in Rancho Mirage which is also in the desert valley.  Being so close to L..A. I was finally able to tour the Neutra VDL2, the Eames House, and the Schindler Kings Road House.  These three houses were designed and built by the architects that  lived in them throughout their lives.  Returning to the Palm Desert valley in time for Modernism Week 2012 allowed me to tour over 10 individual residences in Palm Springs.  These included mainly houses designed by Donald Wexler and William Krisel and built by the Alexander Construction Company,  I was lucky enough to have a brief conversation with Krisel while touring one of his original houses in the Twin Palms development in North Palm Springs.  Not far from this house sits the newly renovated Del Marcos Hotel designed in 1947 by William F. Cody, one of two hotels I toured by the architect that week.  In 1952 Cody designed the Horizon, a bungalow resort, for the Hollywood snowbirds.  

Back in Massachusetts now, I have cast 2 concrete sinks for the RKM House and working with Salmon Studios metal fabricators on many projects, two are civic signage for Northampton.


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