North Leverett Residence

North Leverret is located 8 miles from Amherst but the site makes up for the 20 minute drive.  On a hilltop at 700 feet above the valley, the land has views of the Berkshires and Green Mountains to the west.   The three acre site was purchased by the clients, a couple with a newborn on the way.  They requested a home that would enhance their current lifestyle as parents, professors and family hosts.  Ray Mann, AIA  asked me collaborate on this single family residence project.   A program was designed to incorporate their current needs with their new baby, allowing for growth and adaptation in the future.  Starting with the request for a “great room” and indoor/outdoor living with views we worked out a floor plan.  The plan changed as the foundation was poured.  Structural analysis prescribed beam and column locations, thus allowing for spacial boundaries to be created.  We had our true footprint.  Keeping in mind energy efficiency, radiant floor tubing was installed in the basement and garage floors before the concrete slab was poured.   Then on-site timber columns of red pine were cut and installed.  This house uses a mix of timber framing, lolly columns, metal I beams in the basement, and LVLs for top members.   The upper floors also employ radiant heat in the joist system….more to follow.


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